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Relax and well-being

Full harmony in body, mind and soul
Relax and well-being

Tao practice

Preparation for seasonal changes, fortification of one’s vitality, management of chronic or sporadic pain, guidance to wholly embrace one’s body and accept one’s true nature, coaching or emotional support for personal or professional life changes.

Welcoming you with empathy and benevolence, each appointment begins with a verbal exchange. This is followed by a complete massage based on Traditional Chinese Medicine , a moment of deep relaxation to restore balance and re-establish the flow of bodily energies for an improved mind-body connection. The consultation lasts 1 and a 1/2 hours.

Be curious and generous with yourself. Try this dynamic healing experience, rare in France!



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The TAO practice

Ancient practice

Ancient practice

Originating more than 5000 years ago, Traditional Chinese Medicine is not stuck in history! This holistic approach is constantly evolving to meet the...

Preventive action

Preventive action

Good health is not just the absence of disease and illness, it’s about maintaining a balanced physical, mental and emotional condition.

Taught by Masters

Taught by Masters

As in many oriental traditions, knowledge is transmitted from master to student.

Selfconfidence and serenity

Selfconfidence and serenity

The essential qualities that a taoist therapist can transmit to clients.


Who we are ?

After several years studying law and working in a law firm, I decided to dedicate my professional life to my private passion and true vocation, bringing to others some of the keys to wellbeing!

As well as practicing Tibetan Meditation personally for 15 years, I've always had a keen interest in a multitude of disciplines, including Naturopathy , Iridology , Aromatherapy , Homeopathy , Bromatology and Phytotherapy .

With this background, I was accepted by SERGE BLANCHARD, TAO MASTER , to study with him to become a practitioner of TAO OCCIDENTAL, a powerful tool of personal development!

In private practice since 2012, as well as providing a service in companies to improve the working atmosphere, the efficiency and fidelity of their employees, my work, with joy and humilty, helps each client to continue life with peace and self-confidence.


A person takes her breath from the sky, her blood from the earth and from both the very rythm of life.





Tao massages from Arwenn

Arwenn's boosting Tao massages in Ouest-France edition

Massage performance in company offices

Massage performance in company offices is on the way of generalisation



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